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The Workplace of the Future

But downsizing offices doesn’t just benefit the companies—it’s also what employees want.

The survey found that while only 12.3% of current workers want to work from home, a majority (63.5%) prefer to work locally and believe the ideal commute is under 20 minutes. Currently, 32.1% of respondents working for large organizations spend 41 minutes to an hour commuting every day, while 27.4% spend more than an hour.

To this end, Ross said that changing the structure of the corporate office will have a huge impact on work/life balance.

While the office makeover is what workers want, younger generations expect it since they’re already using new technology. Accordingly, 70.9% of survey respondents said they believe that younger workers, the millennials and those still in school, will be more open to working virtually and reject the traditional office. As such, Ross said companies will be forced to adapt if they want to attract “the best and the brightest minds out there.” 

These predictions are not that different from the ones we’ve previously reported on the retail store of the future, which experts believe will have smaller, more interactive shops, despite being virtually unnecessary in the face of technological advancements. You can learn what the retail store of the future will look like on MainStreet.

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