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Stay-At-Home Parent? These Jobs Could Be For You

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Does being a stay-at-home parent mean never having the job of your dreams?

Hardly. Thanks to improved technologies and employers’ more relaxed attitudes about telecommuting, working at home in a rewarding career and being there for your kids is not only possible — it’s highly doable.

That’s the opinion of Jeremy Anderson, director of client services at FlexJobs.com, an online job services provider. Anderson not only analyzes good jobs for a living, he also works at home while taking care of his kids.

”I'm often surprised by some of the jobs that come through that allow you to work from home or have part-time hours or other accommodating arrangements,” Anderson says. “For example, a couple of times I've seen positions for neurosurgeons! One was more of a consulting job and the other actually did on-call operations but could work out of their home in between surgeries.”

Anderson can attest to the time saved on commutes. Before working from home, Anderson faced a work commute of 45 minutes each way, which he notes is 7.5 hours per week and 375 hours per year. “That is a lot of time! It’s liberating to ditch the commute,” he says.

”Before I had my job, I thought it was a pipe dream to be able to find a professional job that had flexibility, let alone jobs you could do from home, but there are so many opportunities out there that I think many people don't realize,” he says.

He listed some work-from-home job titles he thought would be surprising to many:

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