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March Madness Costs Offices $192 Million

“Over the three weeks of the tournament, the nation's 108 million workers will have logged more than 11 billion hours of work," Challenger said. "The 8.4 million hours lost to March Madness is a relative drop in the bucket, accounting for less than one-tenth of one percent (about 0.07%) of the total hours American workers will put in over the three weeks of the tournament."

Challenger said that despite the minimal impact, small firms may experience a few hiccups due to the tournament.

“For an office with 50 to 100 workers, five or 10 people streaming basketball games will definitely have an impact on everyone else’s internet speed,” he said.

As such, Challenger suggests that employers embrace the tournament as a way to build company morale and workplace camaraderie.

"This could mean putting televisions in the break room, so employees have somewhere to watch the games other than the Internet," he said. "Employers might consider organizing a company-wide pool, which should have no entry fee in order to avoid ethical and/or legal questions.”

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