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The Top 10 Business Travel Mistakes

6. Ordering expensive meals on the company expense account.

That's the warning from Arden Clise, business etiquette columnist for the Puget Sound Business Journal. She elaborated: "The company credit card does not give you license to have a three scotch dinner with lobster tail and bananas flambé. Order mid-price meals."

Spend recklessly on travel, and that becomes your reputation. It's no way to get ahead.

7. Tweet snark about the hotel or the town where you are meeting.

That's just dumb, said Mel Carson, a onetime Digital Marketing Evangelist for Microsoft who now runs his own digital media consultancy.

He explained: "Even if you're not enamored with the surroundings or hotel you're staying in, be careful about tweeting your disdain. People you are meeting or speaking to at [the event] might be following your social channels, so it could get your stay off to an awkward start if you're being rude about their home."

8. Forget to confirm time and location of meeting/presentation the day before.

"[It's] very embarrassing if you get lost trying to find the client site," said executive coach Gregg Ward. "And, if you don't confirm, sometimes clients completely forget you're coming and then you show up and they're nowhere to be found. Unless I want to lose them as a client, you can't berate them. Always confirm the time/location 24 hours in advance."

9. Not bringing an extra shirt.

More advice from Ward is always bring an extra shirt, even on a day trip, because it just is so easy to spill coffee on yourself on a plane, or dribble ketchup down the front eating a fast burger. And it is plain embarrassing to show up for an important meeting with a giant splotch of whatever leading your way.

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