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Even with Narrowing Pay Gap, Women Struggle for Equality

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Despite increases toward pay equality, Millennial women still feel they're working in a man's world. Findings published by the Pew Research Center this past Wednesday found 75% of Millennial females polled believe America needs to continue making changes in the workplace in order to achieve full gender equality. Comparatively, only 57% of Gen Y men think the country needs to keep working towards gender equality. Women also see having children as another hindrance to having an ascending career.

But when asked about pay equality in their own workplace, the majority of working adults polled said they saw no gender biases with 73% of men and 72% of women seeing the same career advancement opportunities for both sexes. In reality, women in high-ranking positions made up only 24% of all CEO positions in America in 2011, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. When it comes to some of the highest-ranking jobs in America, women make up only 4.5% of Fortune 1000 CEO positions, according to numbers cited in the Pew Research report.

On the upswing, the pay gap is narrowing significantly. In 2012, women's hourly wages were 93% of men's in the 25 to 34 age group, up from 83% in 1990, according to Pew Research. Millennial women are also becoming more likely than previous generations to seek upper management positions. While 47% of Gen X women compared to 59% of Gen X men have actively sought promotions, the gap is now closing. Now, 42% of women and 48% of men seek promotion in their career.

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