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Why You Should Apply for Jobs Right Now

Send Your Resumes Out By Mid-December

There is only a narrow window to take advantage of these end-of-year job openings, and that typically goes from the end of Thanksgiving through the first half of December.

“If your resume comes in too close to Christmas and New Year’s, it won’t have enough lead time and could end up at the bottom of the pile of January resumes,” Hughes says. “Do whatever you can do to get yourself in the process of having a conversation with that company by the second week of December, because that’s really when a new hiring process is no longer viable.”

Take Advantage of Added Network Opportunities

Not only are employers more desperate to fill job openings at the end of the year, they are also more willing to network, thanks to the holidays.

“Holiday cheer is in the air, so people are more social and like to have coffee, hot toddies, eggnog and what not. Leverage the time of the season to stay in touch with people who can help connect you with jobs,” Hughes says.

Likewise, Purdy suggests taking advantage of the many holiday parties hosted by friends, colleagues and businesses this time of year to get your name out there and make it known you’re looking for career opportunities.

More Follow-Up

Since the clock is ticking, candidates need to be more persistent in following up on their applications.

As a general rule, Purdy says job hunters should always send a follow-up email within two weeks of submitting their resume, but during particularly busy periods for hiring managers such as the end of the year he recommends following up sooner and more often, as well as reaching out to other relevant employees at the company to get your resume noticed.

“There is a chance that your resume may land on the desk of someone who is out of the office early for the holidays, or conversely, there is a chance your resume may land on the desk of someone with 1,500 resumes who has been told they have to hire someone in the next three weeks,” Purdy says.

Reapply in January

If for whatever reason you don’t hear back from the company before the end of the year, Hughes suggests sending your application again in January after everyone is back from the holidays to ensure yours isn’t buried at the bottom of a pile from the previous year. After all, there will be job opportunities in 2012 too.

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