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Top 10 Most Stressed Out Cities in America

Now let the fight begin.

The second most stressful city is New York City.

The most stressful is Washington, DC.

That's not a typo.

Blogger Nelson, in an interview, said that what many found most surprising was Washington, D.C.'s win, but, he insisted, it won fair and square. More than three rating points separated it from New York, and going down the survey just about all other cities won their place by a margin of one stress point more than the next place finisher.

Jersey City, for instance, totals 22.43 points. San Francisco edged it out for fourth with 21.57 points. Sixth place Oakland scored 23.

New York City's total is 19.57 in an index where the lower the city score, the higher the stress, said Nelson.

Washington, D.C. slammed it with a 16.43 score, mainly due to the number of hours worked by residents (40.1 hours, third highest work week in the country) and long commutes (33 minutes).

Extremely high population density (27.092 people per sq. mile), long commutes (44 minutes) and fiercely high rents give New Yorkers their stress.

But now they also have to deal with being edged out by Washington D.C, in the stress race and that has got to hurt.

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Maybe enough to net a win for New York City in next year's tally.

--Written by Robert McGarvey for MainStreet

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