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The Best Jobs for Americans Abroad

Should Relocation Costs Be Covered?

One big factor for many considering a move abroad is whether your relocation costs will be covered. Unfortunately, according to Galarneau, the answer more often than not is no. “Some employers might offer to assist with any relocation costs, but that varies from company to company, as well as by position,” she said. “Companies might be more willing to help relocate a senior-level executive, but not as willing to help relocate a more junior-level role.”

What’s more, you should be wary of any company that claims they will flood you with benefits and perks for moving abroad. While some higher-ups may receive generous offerings, Galarneau cautions that this could also be a sign of a hiring scam.

What Effect Will It Have on Your Resume?

One last thing you might worry about before accepting a job abroad is how it might affect your job prospects should you decide to return to the U.S. Will an American company view your experience abroad to be irrelevant, or worse, a sign that no company here wanted to hire you? Not as long as you continue to gain experience in the same or similar profession.

“I don't think taking a job in a different country affects your prospects at all, provided you're getting relevant experience in your field,” said Alexandra Levitt, author of New Job, New You. “All job opportunities should be examined from that angle, and overseas opportunities are no different.  If anything, an overseas job might improve your resume because it will show a more broad cultural understanding and an ability to succeed in a global work environment.”

So now that you’ve got a little background on how to apply for a job, here are a few examples of positions that Americans can get abroad right now.

Hospitality Jobs

One popular option abroad is to find a job working at a hotel or restaurant. If you’re interested in going this route, then definitely bookmark the site CatererGlobal.com. Here you can find jobs working as a sushi chef at the Sheraton Hotel in Ethiopia or as a bar manager at the Grand Millennium hotel in Abu Dhabi.

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