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20 Jobs That Have Disappeared

Typing Pool

Typing used to be a very female occupation. Large numbers of them often did the typing for a number of organizations. They sat in what were known as typing pools, and created documents of all types. The way to get a promotion was to distinguish oneself in the typing pool, and perhaps be offered the chance to be a secretary.

Newspaper Typesetter

Individual pieces of type used to have to be placed in printing presses in order to create newspaper pages and other documents on a mass scale. Now, of course, computers do the work of layout for newspapers, automating the process so that it is done more quickly, and arguably more accurately.

Elevator Operator

It used to be that elevators needed someone to manually operate them, often using levers to help keep things moving as efficiently as possible, and to properly land the elevator cab on the correct floor. Even after buttons were created to help, an operator was still required, since the buttons didn’t allow for extra stops. Now, of course, push button operation makes this job unnecessary.

Mimeograph Operator

It used to be that the process of creating mimeographs was sometimes given to an operator. This allowed copies to made while the person requesting them accomplished other tasks. Now, though, mimeographs have been replaced by all sorts of digital machines, and the simple push of a button from a computer can get someone all the copies he or she needs.

Street Sweeper

Before those huge trucks we think of as street cleaners were invented, street sweepers were needed to help clear debris off streets. Street sweepers used brooms to manually sweep streets in parts of town that were considered more desirable. No, of course, large brushes attached to tracks do that job.

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