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20 Cities Surviving the Recession


Sitting at the edge of the Great Plains, shadowed by the Rocky Mountains, it is easy, sometimes, to overlook Denver. However, this is a mistake if you are looking to escape the recession. The city might have been a little slow during the recession, but it appears to be coming out of the funk nicely, with a decent jobs growth forecast and a relatively stable housing market, as reported by Forbes.


Again, the resiliency of Texas is seen in the Houston area. There is a good job growth forecast for the next three years, and Houston even saw a positive ranking, according to Forbes, during 2007 through 2009 – during the height of the recession. And it looks like Houston is ready to hit a period of economic growth running.

San Antonio, Texas

There’s just no escaping Texas. San Antonio has the distinction of being number one out of metro areas when it comes to the three-year job growth forecast. It was even number two on Forbes' job growth list for 2007-2009. If you are looking for a job to help you overcome your own personal recession, you might consider San Antonio.


The area around Boston is providing a nice Northeastern haven from the recession in some ways. Green jobs are actually picking up in Boston, reports Employment Spot, and joining a general trend seen by reported by Online Recruiters Directory in the northeast toward increased jobs.

Los Angeles

It may come as a surprise that Forbes considers L.A. on this list. However, the area including L.A., Long Beach and Santa Ana is showing some signs of rebounding. The metro area has a large gross domestic product, and the three-year job growth forecast is ranked 12 by Forbes, showing that improvement is on the way.

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