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8 Signs You Work for a Boss from Hell

* "Paralysis of Analysis - Can't make a decision and stick with it.," said labor/management relations expert Linda Williams. Leaders are supposed to lead - but some simply waffle and delay, and the more they do, the higher the blood pressure of their subordinates will go. This flaw is not as aggressively jerky as most of the others but workers whose boss displays this flaw will tell you it's nerve wracking sailing on a ship with no definite destination.

* Jerks even will ask you to lie for them - sometimes about very personal matters. "My first sign that my first boss was a jerk was when he called me into his office and he proceeded to explain that he often received calls from several ladies who were important to him," recalled Anna Renault of her time as a secretary at a state agency. "My job was to take a name, number and brief message! I was not to get into conversations with these ladies or with his wife." That same boss, incidentally, asked her to lie to his wife about attending "conferences that did not exist." Do note: any boss who habitually asks underlings to lie, about anything, automatically qualifies as a jerk. And especially when the boss wants cover for extra-marital affairs.

* Some are Jekyll and Hyde ­ "One minute they are nice to you, the next minute they are tearing you apart," said Daniel Paulson, CEO of InVision Business Development. "One day I was being commended for all the hard work I was putting into a project. A few days later I was pulled into the same room and told I wasn't pulling my weight."

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