The Best Jobs for Americans Abroad

The recession may technically be over, but let’s be honest, the economy and the job market are still hurting. Unemployment continues to hover around 10%, and the government recently announced that barely 40,000 jobs were added to the private sector last month. When you combine the tough reality Americans are facing right now with the looming fear that we may encounter a double-dip recession down the road, the idea of moving abroad starts to sound very attractive.

“Many are pursuing alternatives to traditional careers or jobs in other countries,” said Gregory Hubbs, the editor-in-chief of, an online guide for working and living abroad. “People are pursuing jobs abroad, which are not as available here in the U.S., often as a permanent step towards a long-term career or as a way to ‘ride out’ the slow economy at home.” Perhaps for this reason, organizations like the Peace Corps that place people overseas reported an astounding 18% increase in applications during the past year.

According to Hubbs, Americans of all ages and backgrounds are considering jobs overseas right now. Students and older Americans who have been laid off in recent years are sending off their resumes to exotic destinations in hopes to land volunteering jobs, teaching positions, freelance writing posts, hospitality offerings and more. With that in mind, we asked a few experts for tips on what you need to know before applying for jobs abroad. We also scoured the Internet for some sweet overseas gigs that you can apply for right now.