Airlines Quietly Raise Baggage Fees

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Two major airlines quietly increased certain baggage fees on Wednesday.

Both Delta Airlines (Stock Quote: DAL) and United Continental Holdings (Stock Quote: UAL) raised their fees to check a second bag on flights to Europe. Delta will now charge $60 for the second piece of luggage when it is checked in online and $75 when passengers wait to check it out the airport. 

United Continental Holdings, the airline formed from the merger of United and Continental last year, will charge $70 for the second bag, regardless of where passengers check in.

Previously, both airlines charged $50 for a second bag. First bags are still free.

Delta also added a $30 fee for a second checked bag when traveling from the U.S. to most of Latin America and eliminated the $2 to $3 discount it was giving customers who elected to pay their baggage fee online prior to their flight. Now, on domestic flights, a first checked bag will cost $25 and a second checked bag will cost $35 whether you are paying from your home computer or at the airport.

Delta, however, also reduced fees for checking specialty items like antlers, bikes, surfboards as baggage from $200 to $150 and for overweight checked baggage (51-70 lbs) on transatlantic flights from $150 to $75.

Morgan Durrant, a spokesperson for Delta, said that the changes were "made to ensure that policies are aligned with our joint venture partners."