8 Ways to Save on Banking Expenses

NEW YORK (MainStreet)—Let's face it: the days of free checking, reasonable overdraft fees and cheap transactions are gone for the foreseeable future.

A recent survey of major banks conducted by Moneyrates.com revealed that banking costs have continued to rise across the board for the average consumer. Whether it is through higher account balance minimums, or increasing overdraft and maintenance fees, soaring account expenses have become a major inconvenience to millions of banking customers.

Luckily, there are a whole host of steps that consumers can take to cut down on these expenditures.

Shop Around

Sometimes doing a little bit of research on what banking options are available in your area can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Make sure that before you decide where to bank, you consider factors such as fees, account balance minimums and ATM surcharges.

Consider an Online Bank

One of the best ways to avoid annoying monthly account maintenance fees may be to join an online bank. These accounts remain one of the most effective ways to cut down on banking expenses.

"Online checking accounts are generally the best option for saving money," says Richard Barrington, personal finance Expert for MoneyRates.com. "They are most likely to offer free checking."

Open an Overdraft Line of Credit or Savings account

If you find yourself paying exorbitant overdraft fees each year, it might be time to speak with your bank about creating an overdraft line of credit or an overdraft savings account.

Lily Beaumont, a 30-year-old overdraft savings account holder recalls how having an overdraft savings account saved her a lot of money. "A magazine subscription automatically billed my debit card recently," she said. "This unplanned expense overdrew my account. I could have been charged a fee of $22 for every transaction that happened that weekend--somewhere around nine transactions," Beaumont said. "Instead, my overdraft protection withdrew the necessary amount to cover the transactions, and I was only charged a $10 fee. I was very happy that I decided to open that savings account."