8 Ways to Get Fit for Less

By Angela Colley

NEW YORK (MoneyTalksNews) —Louisiana, my home state, recently came in second in WebMD’s fattest states, with a 33.4 percent obesity rate for adults, beaten only by Mississippi, where 34.9 percent of adults are obese. Other states that made the list:

  • West Virginia – 32.4%.
  • Alabama – 32%.
  • Michigan – 31.3%.
  • Oklahoma – 31.1%.
  • Arkansas – 30.9%.
  • Indiana – 30.8%.
  • South Carolina – 30.8%.
  • Texas – 30.4%.
  • Kentucky – 30.4%.

Those are scary statistics, especially considering that obesity can lead to a host of health problems like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. But many people are doing something about it: They’re getting fit. And some are doing it without emptying their wallets on pricey gym memberships – like Carol Sanders.

Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson recently interviewed Carol about her fitness plan and the scholarship she got from the YMCA. Check it out and then read on for more ways you can look and feel better for less.

Now, let’s break down all the ways you can get into shape and save money:

1. Find a scholarship

Carol was in a tough spot. She knew she needed to get into shape, but she didn’t have the cash to join a gym. So she asked for help, and she got it. The YMCA gave her a scholarship so she could attend a local YMCA gym without stretching her money too thin. If you’re in a tight spot and can’t afford the monthly fee, ask your local community gyms and fitness centers for help. Some places worth checking:

  • City-owned gyms.
  • Local high schools, universities, and community colleges.
  • Community centers.
  • The YMCA.

2. Shop around

If you don’t qualify for a scholarship or grant, you can still save some cash. Start by comparing the base cost of your local gyms. Call three to five gyms in your area and ask for a price quote on their one-month and annual basic memberships. Some gyms might be cheaper (or more expensive) than you thought.