8 At-Home Fitness Finds Under $25

Positive thinking is great, but nothing combats hardcore stress like a good old-fashioned workout.  No fancy gym membership with high-tech machines and spin classes? No worries. The steals we found require nothing but personal motivation. Used to their maximum potential, these workout tools guarantee you’ll be too endorphin-charged to worry about your 401(k). Your only job? Calorie burning!

1. Yoga mat. Sure, you can use the community yoga mats for free from the gym, but you can also lick a Petri dish (which we also don’t advise). This standard-size version is a calming $17.70, plus you don’t have to worry about who left the very un-Zen-like sweat marks before you. Hello, no brainer!

2. Weighted medicine balls. Two four-pounders from Natural Fitness start at $18 for the set at Target (Stock Quote: TGT). They’re made of rubber (so they’re durable but easy to handle) and come with exercise diagrams and instructions.

3. A perfect ab workout. Reebok’s Core Ball (Stock Quote: RBK) is a steal at $13 (that’s without the store’s gold card, which drops the price to just over $10). The ball also comes with a hand pump and an exercise chart to guide you through head-to-toe toning moves.

4. Hand weights light on the budget.
At GetFitSource.com, two-pound weights start at just $2.25 and are available up to 10 pounds for just $10.25 each. No bells and whistles, just weights, but that’s all you really need to get sculpted for summer. Need some instruction? If you’ve got a gym, ask a trainer. Or check out your favorite fitness magazine for new monthly workout routines. (Can't afford the subscription? Here's how to start a magazine co-op and save.)