7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Internship

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — While there's no such thing as "winning" an internship, students who want a job offer at the end of their contract should step up to the plate ready to hit a home run.

Most quality internships have competitive selection requirements and a tough interview process, and those selected may feel as if the hard part is already over — but the time to prove your worth is just beginning.

No matter how excited you are to be working this summer, keep in mind that your internship is not the reward you've been waiting for — it's your one shot at success. We asked experts to weigh in on the top seven ways younger workers can shape up, stand out and get hired:

1. Remember communication is key — no matter who you're talking to.

Communication is just as important for impressing your supervisor as it is necessary for interacting with clients, says Alexa Hamill, PricewaterhouseCoopers' U.S. campus recruiting leader.

"This generation is used to communicating online and with short correspondence, but is generally not as effective in face-to-face situations and other forms of written communication," Hamill says. "The ability to clearly articulate your point of view and create a connection is an important skill to have."

Hamill says interns should keep in mind that the impression they make during personal interaction will determine whether they get an offer to go full time.

"Every employer is looking to better understand who you are, what you will potentially bring to the table and the value you would add to their organization," she says. "Make sure that you can effectively communicate who you are so you can stand out in a crowd."

2. Ask for feedback

"Growth and improvement come from regular feedback," says Nathan Parcells, co-founder and CMO of InternMatch, an online platform that matches college students with employers.