5 Workplace Trends You'll See in 2013

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — What will drive the U.S. workplace as the calendar flips over to 2013 in a few weeks?

These workplace trends are the fastest moving and have the best chance of sustainability:

Online entrepreneurs will change the corporate culture. The Web-based staffing service Elance is already calling 2013 “the year of the freelancer.” And why not? The Mountain View, Calif.-based firm says online freelancing should double next year. "The staffing industry is ripe for disruption and the fundamental drivers of online work's growth — instant access to high-quality talent, speed of hiring and cost savings — align with business needs of all sizes," explains Fabio Rosati, chief executive at Elance. "When you pair the category's fundamentals with recent trends were seeing, it's clear that online work is primed for explosive growth." Look for the most robust growth in online, sole-proprietor staffing in the legal and accounting sectors, Elance says.

More college graduates will bypass the traditional corporate job market. That is, if there is a corporate job market for recent graduates. Elance says 25% of graduating college students will forgo the full-time employment market and go to work for themselves. The firm says these lone wolves will set up shop online and aim for a “stable living” as they examine their career options out of school. The amount of millennial freelancers jumped to 47% from 26% this year, the firm says.

Obamacare will move workers out of the corporate sector. Another potential blow to the corporate sector is health care reform. If health care becomes more affordable for independent contractors, that’s one less reason to work for corporations – many of which are cutting back on health insurance and pushing staffers to join government-run health care exchanges. As independent contractors pay for their own health care, that makes them more attractive to corporations, which get the talent without the added expense of paying their health insurance.