5 Ways to Never Miss Out on a Sale

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Retailers know exactly how to lure shoppers into stores, from glitzy sale posters to endless advertisements and social media postings.

For consumers, the goal is make sure each purchase is made when the item is on sale, though this task is easier said than done.

Some innovative apps and websites can pretty much guarantee you score the best deals and make the bulk of your purchases when those items hit the sale racks. Here are some steps to take:

1. Arrange for an alert when the price drops

When shopping online, it’s difficult to predict when that $70 pair of jeans will go on sale. By installing the “Hukk It” button from price comparison website Hukkster.com, you’ll get an alert when an item drops in price.

The next time you’re on a retailer’s website, look for the button and enter the price you’d like to pay for the item. For that $70 pair of jeans, enter in $60, for example, and Hukkster will let you know when those jeans drop below $60.

2. Use a smartphone app to guide your shopping

It’s frustrating when an item goes on sale a few days after you paid full price.

This is where the free Decide app comes in handy. The app uses an algorithm to track billions of price movements, especially on electronics and appliances. Simply enter the name of the item you’re trying to buy (or scan the barcode) and the app will tell you whether you should buy now or wait a few days or weeks in anticipation of a sale.

The app claims to be accurate in predicting prices 77% of the time, and in the event it guides you in the wrong direction, pays the difference.

3. Use this website to find sales

Before you hit the stores, check out PriceGrabber.com, which sends out a weekly list of store sales via email. If you’re in the market for an LED television, for instance, you can see which stores and models are on sale that week and plan your purchase according to what’s on sale.