5 Ways to Make Your Money Resolutions Stick

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Resolving to take  better care of your finances is easy, but actually following through is another story. To make sure you meet your financial goals in 2012, MainStreet highlights five ways to make your money resolutions a success.

Get a Financial Buddy

A recent study from the National Endowment for Financial Education found that 85% of Americans feel it would be somewhat helpful to have a buddy hold them accountable in reaching their New Year’s resolutions. While the buddy approach is popular for those trying to achieve health or weight-loss goals, Paul Golden, NEFE spokesman, says friends interested in reaching money goals also shouldn’t shy away from pairing up.

“You don’t have to share a lot of personal information,” he says. Instead, simply ask a close friend, relative or colleague to check in to see if you achieved a monthly goal, such as setting aside a specific amount of money, or even ask them to accompany you when shopping so you can both keep each other’s spending in check.

Golden adds that while this buddy could be anyone, you should be careful to make sure your goals are like-minded to increase the odds that you will both stay true to them.