5 Unexpected Moving Expenses

NEW YORK (MainStreet)—August is wrapping up, and as we push forward toward fall, there's that feeling in the air of a new beginning, a fresh start. For many, that involves real estate.

According to the website moving.com, over the summer and into September is the overwhelmingly most popular time for people to move, wrapping up one home and starting anew. Unfortunately, as many of us have discovered, moving can be an extraordinarily expensive process. Even if you think you've planned for the worst of it, there's usually another price tag hidden right around the corner.

So in the spirit of helping with your fresh beginnings--not to mention lending a hand to all those college students out there--here are a few hidden costs to look for during your next move.

Gas, Tolls and Parking

Welcome to the death of a thousand cuts.

A great way to save money on moving is to spare the expense of hiring a company and simply do the job yourself. Especially for people who live in an apartment rather than an entire house, renting a truck and taking care of everything in an afternoon is sometimes an incredibly practical, affordable option. If nothing else, it cuts the cost of labor down to bribing your friends with a six-pack of beer.

Just don't forget that driving a truck involves a lot more than simply getting hold of it. Trucks need a lot of gas, and if you're traveling any real distance those pit stops will pretty quickly start to add up, sometimes to several hundred dollars over a long trip. The same with tolls; over time and distance, those can really put their thumb on the scale of a tight budget.