5 Types of Super Bowl Ads You'll See This Year

The Low-Brow Ad

NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Don’t get too excited about the ads that will be running during the Super Bowl this year. You’ve already seen most of them.

We don’t mean that all the advertisers will be running old commercials this year – the vast majority will indeed be new to the small screen. But they won’t exactly be original, either. Just think how many commercials you’ve seen featuring a man getting hit in the crotch or a dog doing something clever. And how many times have you seen Budweiser run an ad with horses, or Pepsi run one full of celebrities? Ad creators might be good at making us laugh (and buy), but they don’t exactly have a deep bag of tricks.

With that in mind, we reached out to some advertising experts to get their take on the clichés and commercial archetypes we can expect to see from advertisers this year at the big game. As you watch the game this Sunday, you might be surprised at how many of them fall into one of these categories.

The Low-Brow Ad

“There is a genre of advertising based on the insight that guys love gross-out humor,” says Mark DiMassimo, an advertising industry veteran who runs the marketing and branding agency DIGO. “They typically involve a sharp shot to the scrotum.”

Yes, the crotch shot is alive and well in the world of advertising, especially in ads for products that target young men – think snacks, soft drinks and light beer. For example, take this commercial from last year’s Super Bowl for Pepsi Max, a diet drink marketed to young men.

It should come as no surprise that such ads show up in abundance during the Super Bowl – while the big game obviously has a much broader audience than the typical football game, many of the companies that advertise during a sporting event are going to have young men in mind.

That’s also the motivation for a sub-category of the low-brow genre: the sexy ad, which usually involves a scantily clad woman or a strip-tease that’s just tame enough to get past network censors. Web domain registry GoDaddy is notorious for running such commercials every year, usually showing the beginning of the strip-tease and then encouraging viewers to visit the website to watch the rest of the allegedly x-rated video. If you’re gullible enough to fall for this one every year, there’s not much we can do to help you.