5 Stocks to Buy Now And Sell in 50 Years: The Stockpick Whiz Kid

Max Levin, MainStreet's Stockpick Whiz Kid, runs StockPick101.com, an online forum where the average person can post and comment about different investments and stocks.

NEW YORK (MainStreet) —Longterm investing is one of the most crucial pieces to a young investor's portfolio. A short term loss or gain is insignificant when you are in it for the long-run. For the next 50 years, many complications could occur, but a diverse portfolio can give you the largest chance possible for the “home run.” When a young investor does a minimal amount on trading, stability, security, and dividends have a huge impact on earnings and net worth. Here are some stocks a young investor could buy now and hold for the next 50 years.

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1) A huge industry that is very stable and has an enormous ability to expand in the future is the energy sector. Valero Energy Corporation (VLO) is a company that is taking over oil refining, the ethanol ethanol market and retail throughout gas stations. Valero produces gasoline, jet fuel, lubricants, asphalt, distillates, petrochemicals and natural gases and is the world's largest independent petroleum refiner and marketer. The products of Valero are essential for transportation currently and forthcoming. Valero is starting to turn to ethanol, of which it produces 1.1 billion gallons per year in ten plants. When making the renewable resource of ethanol, that is produced from corn, the left over product, fermented corn mash, is sold off as high protein livestock feed. This then creates a very low waste, a new breakthrough that Valero can tremendously expand. Valero's economic position and liquidation stability is right now, and it looks like a bright future.

2) Apple Inc. ((AAPL) is a company that everyone should contain in his portfolio. Apple is within the technology sector and manufactures and markets iconic items such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac computers. Since 2000, Apple's stock has tremendously sky rocketed from $20 to $700 a share. It has an incredibly large amount of liquidation throughout its company reaching 97. 7 billion in cash reserves and has a worth of almost $400 billion. With new products creating ground-breaking technological advancement, consumers go crazy over Apple. As of right now, most corporations operate on a PC computer, and they are not compatible to Apple devices. Because Apple products have taken over residential use and are now starting to expand into commercial use, it is only a matter of time until corporations make a change and switch to Apple products. Apple Inc. is one of the leaders in technology, and there is no reason for diminishment in the future.