5 Reasons Why Capital One Is the Most Searched-for Credit Card

By Beverly Blair Harzog

In the past month, consumers who were searching for a new credit card on Yahoo! typed this phrase most often: “Capital One credit card.” Based on our review of Yahoo! Search data, they weren’t looking for a specific card from Capital One, they just wanted to see what cards from that bank were available. This tells me that consumers have a good feeling about Capital One. They might end up with a card from a different bank, but Capital One is where they start their search.

I’m not surprised, even though the issuer didn’t score that high on J.D. Powers 2011 Credit Card Satisfaction Survey. American Express was number one, followed by Discover, Barclaycard, and Chase. Capital One checked in at number seven.

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So why did they come out on top in searches? Here are five solid reasons why I think Capital One appeals to consumers:

#1: No foreign transaction fees

Capital One was the first major issuer to remove foreign transaction fees from all of their cards. Since then, Discover has done this. Other major card issuers have also waived the fees from some of their top-tier cards.

But Capital One was the first to eliminate this fee. This is the kind of consumer-friendly move that sticks with people, especially if you travel frequently for pleasure or business.

#2: Memorable Commercials

Most recently, we’ve been treated to Jimmy Fallon talking to a baby about the Capital One Cash card. When Fallon asks the baby if it wants more cash back, the baby throws cereal at him. Okay, a celebrity plus a cute baby is memorable TV. A tiny food fight makes it even better.

Capital One also has run lots of ads featuring Alec Baldwin and the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture so it’s not surprising that celebs grab your attention when you see them in commercials.

And let’s not forget the “What’s in your wallet?” Vikings commercials, which were loaded with whimsy and humor. All of this makes Capital One look like they’re the Disney World of banks.

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