5 Creative Ways to Market Your Home for a Sale

By Samantha DeBianchi

SEATTLE (Zillow) — “What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew was the only someone for you?”

Sound familiar? It’s the tagline to Sleepless in Seattle, and the same adage holds true for the homebuying process: Buyers will never find their perfect match if they don’t know it exists. And sometimes sellers have to get creative to make the connection.

Here are five ways to help your home’s dream buyer find it and fall in love.

Go where the buyers are

Is your home within driving distance of a popular tourist attraction, natural beauty, shopping destination, college, entertainment district, major corporation or an airport? If so, there are many people who need your house and don’t even know it. Take your marketing to them; it could be as low-tech as a flier in a coffeehouse or as high-tech as a mobile ad on Internet radio.

Hold the mother of all open houses

Open houses can be so much more than straightening up throw pillows, putting some flowers in a vase and slapping down a plate of cheese and crackers. Take it to the next level and make your open house an A-list affair.

What makes a house a home is its appeal to all of the senses. It should look, smell, feel and sound great. Hire a musician — maybe a steel drummer by the pool, an acoustic guitarist in the garden, a violinist in the great room — or just play some calm and soothing sounds of the ocean or wind chimes. Have comfy seats available for buyers to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Open the windows and let a cool breeze blow through. Hire a great caterer to stage tasty, visually appealing food and drink stations around the home. Light candles or start a fire in the fireplace — anything to create a special atmosphere that will give buyers no option but to imagine your home as theirs.