4 Ways to Steal Your Competition’s Customers

In the small business world, a little competition is healthy. The smart small business owner is constantly looking for ways to keep their company current and appealing to potential and existing customers. As a result, many business owners are looking for new and creative ways to steal business from their competition. Here are four legal ways you can woo your competitor’s customers to your products and/or services:

1. Market Research

Extensive market research is key to finding out what your competitors are doing right -- what they are lacking and what your customers are looking for in your industry. If you are in the same city as your competition, scout the area and make a checklist of physical advantages that your competitor may have. Do they have a better location, better parking or increased security? Whatever the differences, be sure to address these at your own location to meet customer expectations.

Conduct a poll of your current customers to find out what they do and do not like about your services, as they exist now. Based on the suggestions and the example of your competitors, you might want to make adjustments to accommodate these requests, such as updating bathroom facilities, revamping your web site or making signage more visually appealing.