4 Apps To Help You Snag Discounts

NEW YORK (MainStreet) —The well-seasoned ad slogan of "membership has its benefits" can spur us to sign-up, buy-in and join now, but have you ever made a purchase, bought a ticket, paid admission – all at full price – to moan after-the-fact with a forehead-slapping, "Geez, I had a discount for that."

Between all the alumni groups, professional associations, buyers' clubs and credit card offers, who can keep up with the discounts we are entitled to? Now you won't have to miss another money saving moment. A handful of discount-driven apps can help you squeeze every buck for all it's worth. Most of us know about Groupon, Foursquare and Google Shopping, but there is a new generation of bargain-hunting apps being born -- including Bync, Key Ring, Larky and Zoomingo -- all promising to help us save money, gain insider perks and never miss a markdown.

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Bync : Sync the Discounts

"I had the idea for Bync after getting frustrated with the offers I was receiving from daily deal sites," says Ryan Bales, founder and CEO of Bync. "The majority of these offers ended up in the trash because they weren't based on my interests, but rather, my location. In other words, just because there is a spa down the street, doesn't mean I'll get any value out of a spa offer. I wanted to create an app that knew the stores I shopped at the most and provided me with offers that I'll actually use."

According to Bales, Bync offers users relevant discounts by securely syncing the app to your bank and credit cards, discovering where you shop the most. Bync then sends you alerts when your favorite stores have a discount you may be interested in.