21 Terrible Mother's Day Gifts

Craig Donofrio

NEW YORK (MoneyTalksNews)—Mother’s Day is May 12 and, like any decent son or daughter, you want to get your mom something great. What you don’t want is to get her a crummy gift that might bore or offend her.

Knowing what not to get Mom is just as important as knowing what she likes. Worried? Don’t be. Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson identifies some of the worst Mother’s Day gift ideas in the video below. Check it out, then read on for more.

Before you go shopping for Mother’s Day, here are 21 really bad gifts:

1. Diet or fitness products

I don’t think anyone’s eyes have lit up after unwrapping an Ab Roller. Ditto goes for a gym membership. Don’t ever suggest your mom is fat, and definitely don’t do it on Mother’s Day.

2. Wrinkle cream

Did your mom give you acne products for your birthday? I hope not. If you give her wrinkle cream, you’re telling her she’s both old and wrinkly. Let Mom buy her own cosmetics and creams.

3. Roses

Roses are a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Instead, buy carnations and prepare a vase yourself.

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4. A new pet

Giving Mom a new puppy means more bills, more worries and more responsibilities. If your mom really loves animals, consider making a donation in her name to the local animal shelter or the ASPCA.

5. Cleaning equipment

Your mom is not your maid. Don’t ruin her day by telling her she’s great at cleaning and should do more of it.

6. Bath stuff

As a teenager, I gave my mom gift baskets of bath products. Every. Single. Year. I would spot them in her room months later, unopened. The lesson? My mom already had her own soaps and shampoos she used regularly, and she didn’t have any use for my gifts, however well-intentioned. Let Mom choose her own bath products.