18 Ways to Get a Cheap Haircut

There actually plenty of places to find reasonably priced, and even free, haircuts. You just need to know where to look. From Supercuts to beauty schools, cheap haircuts are out there. Keep reading to learn more.

Check Online Listings

Many cities have online listings for inexpensive haircuts. Sites like Citisearch.com provide very helpful information on local business. Try doing a search for "cheap haircuts." Depending on where you live, you will likely see a long list of inexpensive salons, often with detailed rating systems and user reviews. After you get your haircut, be sure to post your own review to help future seekers of the cheap haircut.

There's a New Salon in Town!

If you notice that a new salon is being built in your area, keep on the lookout for discounts that they may be offering. You might find a "Coming Soon" posting with a coupon in the local paper or promotions posted on the premises. Since the salon is new to the area, they will be looking to build their clientele, and a great way for them to do that is to offer introductory specials to draw new people to the salon. And it's a great way for you to get an inexpensive haircut.

Junior Stylists

If there's a salon you've always been curious about but have been troubled by the price tag, contact them and ask about the price of a cut with a junior stylist. Junior stylists are new to the profession and to the salon, and it's very important for them to hone their skills and build a clientele. The salon will offer attractive rates to make a visit with a junior stylist more compelling.

Loyalty Programs

Many salons offer loyalty programs similar to those offered at your local coffee or sandwich place. The more you go, the more you save.  Sometimes after going a certain number of times, you can qualify for a free treatment, like deep conditioning or a blow out.