15 Tips for Getting Your Holiday Gifts Right Now

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you’ve waited until the last minute to finish your holiday shopping, you’re not alone. A recent survey by Land’s End found that 30% of buyers this season have yet to make a single purchase; another 79% said they still have shopping to complete and 51% of those people have at least five gifts still yet to buy. A survey press release was posted Thursday.

The malls will be packed this weekend and until Dec. 24, and the post office, UPS and FedEx will be pushed to the breaking point delivering, but there are still great deals to be had. Here are some ways to save on those last-minute holiday gifts:

1. Free shipping days: If you’re ordering online and need to have that special item shipped, look for deals this Monday, the annual marketing event known as Free Shipping Day, says MaryAnn Bekkedahl, president and co-founder of theSwizzle.com. Becki Dilworth, director of online marketing at ShopAtHome.com, says to also look for free shipping days on major retail sites. Sears, Apple, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us are just some of the sites that offer free shipping deals until Christmas, she says.

2. Look for the promo boxes: Bekkedahl says many sites offer their own in-house promo codes, so when you’re shopping, you should pay attention and make sure you’re not missing any deals. “The presence of a box means that promo codes exist and it’s worth a Google to see if there are any applicable ones you can use. It’s not uncommon to find free shipping or a discount code,” Bekkedahl says.

3. Gifts with no shipping charges: The Jelly of the Month Club membership may not have been what Clark Griswold was expecting from his employer, but monthly gift subscriptions can be a great gift pairing. “Consider giving Wine Club memberships, Omaha Steaks monthly gift packages and e-gift cards to your loved ones this year,” Dilworth says. “You avoid a trip to the store and an extra shipping charge to your credit card.”