10 Yard Sale Tips to Guarantee It's Worth It

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If spring cleaning is on your list of to-dos, a yard sale or garage sale should be too. Sure, it's a lot of work, but all the lugging of boxes and bags can be worth it if you know how to turn a profit. We checked in with experts to find the best ways to turn an average yard sale into a real money-maker.

1. Have as much stuff to sell as possible.

Keep your purpose in mind as you clean out your closets, attics, basements and drawers: You want to clear clutter and make money, says Janelle Gallatin, sale event expert for RummageWisconsin.com, a site devoted to rummage sales, auctions and flea markets in Wisconsin.

"If you need the money, you've got to let go of things you like. Look at clothing you haven't worn in a year or books you never read," she says. "Let go of any emotional attachment you may have to these items."

Some of the best sellers typically include children's clothing, toys, books, antiques, appliances and furniture, Gallatin says.

2. Make sure the price is right.

While you want to make sure you turn a profit, your customers are all looking for a deal. People aren't going to a garage sale to pay retail, Gallatin says.

No matter how hard you worked setting up the perfect yard sale or how much emotional attachment you may have with an item, it's still only worth what people will pay.

"Just because you saw something listed on eBay for $100 doesn't mean people will pay that at a garage sale," she says. "Especially if the item is something you were going to donate anyway, price it to sell — you don't want to take it back home."

3. Advertise like crazy.

The most common way to advertise these days is online. Most people turn to Craiglist, Facebook and other community message boards, Gallatin says. In all cases, it's important to have good pictures of what you're selling so that people are enticed to stop by.