10 Tips for Holiday Tipping

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Aside from holiday shopping and gift planning, this time of year also involves tipping.

From doormen to housekeepers to personal trainers, the notion of tipping tends gets into some murky areas.

We turned to Michael Fazio, author of Concierge Confidential and co-founder of AbigailMichaels Concierge, for some guidance when it comes to who to tip, how much and ways to take the stress out of the process.

1. Set a budget

Just as you plan your holiday shopping budgets, a budget for tips is needed. You don’t want to be short on cash for your bills and necessities because you felt the need to give overly generous tips this holiday season.

“You can’t just start disbursing the money to everyone,” Fazio says. “Gather up your info and determine who are the top five or 10 people that impact my life.”

2. Change the way you think about tipping

The idea of tipping tends to cause stress, as we feel guilty if we don’t make sizable tips to everyone who works in the apartment building or hair salon, for example.

Fazio urges consumers to think of tipping as a positive process. “Strip all of the emotion out of tipping, since it’s a part of life that we should embrace and joy – it’s a form of acknowledgement.”

3. You don’t have to tip everyone

Not everyone you come in contact with will get a tip – and that’s OK. Sometimes we feel the need to tip those who provide services we don’t always get.

“You might not see the doorman who works after hours, but there is a whole other population in the building that does, so those people will give their tip,” he adds.

The thinking is to reward the few people who provide a service in your life who make the most impact.