10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Pajamas

Roll out of bed and up to your computer. There, that’s your commute.

Sound good to you?

Now that so many jobs only require an Internet connection and maybe a phone line, earning a real salary while working in your fuzzy slippers is not only possible, it's common. Here are 10 well-paying work-at-home jobs you might want to check out.

Web Software Engineer
Designing and building computer applications can be done entirely from home with web access and a fast workstation. Many software companies operate entirely through telecommuting, which saves on office overhead and expands their employee pool globally.

Public Relations Specialist
Most public relations duties are handled primarily over the phone and through email. Writing press releases and managing media contacts can easily be done from home. Some PR firms allow associates to telecommute, or you can open your own freelance PR business in your home.

Sales Executive
Companies are always looking for sales people to make cold calls and generate new sales leads. Some training is usually provided.

Computer Systems Analyst
Designing and maintaining office computer systems can be done remotely using virtual private network (VPN) and virtual desktops. Outsourcing IT to home-based specialists is gaining popularity.

Database Manager
All you need to maintain a database is a computer and an Internet connection. Database managers can be salaried employees or work as freelancers.