10 DIY Projects To Complete In Under 1 Hour

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — When tackling any home improvement or decoration project, timing and costs are among the most important factors.

Even for the experienced DIY-ers, taking an entire weekend to complete a project can be stressful. We polled the design pros for project ideas that take less than one hour to complete, while still keeping costs and curb appeal in mind.

1. Window treatments

Adding stylish window treatments – especially curtains – is a fast and cost effective project. We turned to Michelle Baxter of Michelle Baxter Interiors for some tips on installing window treatments for basic windows:

1. Measure your wall and window. This will tell you what size rod you need. They are also pretty standard sizes. One standard window will need a 4-foot pole with two brackets. A double window will need an 8-foot pole with three brackets (one on either end and one supporting the middle).

2. Use an anchor when installing the brackets. The brackets need to be installed on the stud right above the frame of the window, however high up you go. Measure your drapes. If they are 96 inches, the top of the bracket should be at the 96-inch mark. Measure from the floor up on both sides; you might be surprised to discover your window is uneven.

3. When your hardware is installed, slip the rod through the pocket of the drape and hang.

2. Nail-head trims

“Nailhead trim is all the rage on tables, seating, headboards or just about any piece that can use a little more style and pizzaz,” says Philadelphia area interior designer Ani Semerjian.

Here are Semerjian’s steps for the project:

1. Determine what area of the chair, table, sofa, ottoman or headboard to accent with the nailhead trim. Sometimes just adding nail heads to the base area of a chair is enough. You must select an area that has a wood foundation underneath the fabric to secure the nails to.